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Who are we?

We are artists who desire to convey the wonder and the beauty of life. Our purpose is to promote art of all kinds. Art that is uplifting, heart inspiring, thought provoking, soul touching. Both music and fine art have been used in the past to express and communicate beauty, joy, love, sorrow and faith. The great composers wrote music for the glory of God. The great masters painted His story. Not that all painting or music has to depict a scene from the Bible, nature itself declares God's gifts of creation. The soothing beauty of light dancing through a willow tree, the amazing color combinations in the world of birds, the power of the mighty oak, the delicacy of a rose, to sunrises and sunsets that are never identical, this world is an awesome place that can truly take your breath away.

The arts are even said to be unimportant, and are quickly being eliminated from our schools. Even Charles Darwin lamented in his lost taste for music and pictures, "...loss of these tastes is a loss of happiness and may possibly be injurious to the intellect and more probably to the moral character, by enfeebling the emotional part of our nature." It has been said, without art, poetry and music - why bother?  The arts bring an awareness of beauty and culture into our lives and without it ... yes, why bother.

It is our goal to communicate God's love and His Gospel through art. The arts should speak to man's soul. We believe this can be done in the painting of a beautiful landscape, a rustic old barn, trees, flowers, portraits of people or animals, or the precious face of a laughing child. Situations of everyday life, an intricate study of a feather, the geometrics of abstract colors flowing together, creating of a logo for a business or the creativity of the human mind to just imagine, art should inspire, not depress.

We dedicate our talents to express our awe and love to our Creator, Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. We want to create to the glory of God.

Sharing God's Love Through Art

murals, church murals, children's murals, portraits, faux finish, Michael's Italian Feast,
David and Betty Webster with their dog, Sophie, their parrot, Pollyanna and their two ring-necked doves, MilliTillie and Amigo, make their home in Central Illinois. Their love of animals, nature and wanting to show the amazing creation of God is a driving force behind their ministry.

   David and Betty Webster are a husband and wife art team. Originally from the Chicago land area, Dave, a trained commercial artist, worked in advertising for over ten years. The Websters met when Betty, who only did pencil sketches, wanted to learn to paint and asked Dave about his paintings. So, art brought them together.

    They have created murals for many years. A 4x44 ft mural adorned a restaurant wall in Washington, Il. This painting lead to Peoria's Hoerr's Berean Bookstore's tribute to the rescuers of 9-11 that can be seen at the Evergreen Shopping Center. Another outdoor mural honors Abraham Lincoln. Commissioned by "Looking for Lincoln", this 18x30 foot mural is on the Northwest side of the historical square in Mt. Pulaski, Ill. A whimsical fantasy mural, "Joey's Secret Garden", is in an outdoor courtyard at OSF Children's Hospital, Peoria. 
    The rooms and hallways of the children's church section of Newcastle Bible Church was turned into a forest with numerous baby animals. A fellow church member saw what they did and this led to a transformation of a storage closet at Lettie Brown Elementary School in Morton, Il which became a classroom "cave" complete with a full size brown bear. This mural in turn lead to a mom wanting a mural for each of her children, which can be seen below.
    An 'interactive mural' was completed in 2010 for the addition added to Michael's Italian Feast, in Germantown, Illinois. Needing more kitchen space and guest tables, Michaels expanded into a large room 'next door' and asked if we could create an Italian Piazza.  Inspired by many books and photographs as well as creative input from the owners, Verona Piazza is now a relaxed dining area to enjoy the good Italian food and 'visit a touch of Italy".
    The most recent mural, is a located at Bethany Baptist Church, Edwards, Illinois. A new location and beautiful new building we were commissioned to decorate the nursery entry halls with numerous baby animals and even included some of the parents!  
     David is available for not only mural work but commissioned portraits, landscapes, animal portraits and paintings. His passion is in fine arts but he is also very creative in logo, graphic arts and Faux Finishing.

children's murals, trains
He LOVES trains
Children's murals, princess, kingdom
A Princess and her Kingdom
cows, children's murals, farms. tractors
Tractors and farms are his love.
Now let us know who you are. Any questions or comments about our art? Just drop us a note. Thank you for visiting.

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