Portraits a speciality
Full color or monochromatic.

Invest in a priceless addition to your home. A portrait that not only captures the physical image, but the personality as well.

Portraits of your famiy......

......... including the animal members !


Do you have a photo or a favorite picture that you would like to be an original work of art? This could be a celebrity, a sports figure, animals, scenery, buildings.

Our artists can transform that wrinkled photo into a piece worthy to be hanging on your wall.

All artists reserve the right to decline the execution of any art that they deem inappropriate to their beliefs of what art should be and/or represent. Communication of a project through the supplied site is necessary for any commissioned work. Any unauthorized photos etc. sent to dnb-art will not be returned to sender. Commissioned works of course will be enclosed with the final product. Shipping, handling and insurance is the responsibility of purchaser