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Panoramic view of the north wall of Michael's Italian Feast - Germantown Hill, Il
Michael's Italian Feast - Germantown Hills, Illinois

This restaurant located west of Metamora, Illinois is the second of three establishments owned by Michael and Veronica Axelson.  It began in a rather small space and it's popularity was soon evident.  The Axelsons soon realized that they needed more kitchen space as well as customer seating.  The business next door had decided to move their location and the two story space was available - easy decision, break through the wall and expand.  

We were contacted to create an Italian piazza.  With the 17 foot ceiling this was easy to visualize. Approximately two weeks of sitting in the middle of the room and drawing, pivoting, drawing, pivoting - it started to come together. In brainstorming with Veronica, the subject of the ceiling mounted air conditioner came up, how to 'hide' it?  Veronica mentioned a tree? Great idea but ... how?   Build one. Only God can make a tree?  YES, a real one.  Our tree is concrete -  seventeen feet tall! 
Many challenges and much help from many this Piazza became a reality.  Looking for great lasagna, pizza. spaghetti or sandwich?   Head to Michael's italian Feast, Germantown, Illinois and enjoy their food along with the feeling of taking a trip to Italy. 

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Entry to The Blend
The Blend

    Located in Washington, Il, they requested David to make their hallways fun and inviting. Dave decided to do a curving swirl of 'coffee feeling' colors. (I don't know what that means either but it works!)

   Bright and cheery the colors seem to invite you in for a great cup of coffee, a latte or one of their many delicious beverages. Kick back, surf the web or visit with friends.  A great place to hang out for young and older and even old

The Blend, coffee, decorative painting,
opposite wall